How to use the site:

  • Searching for words:
    • The Index is a list of all of the words posted on this site.
    • Both the Index and individual posts have sidebars to navigate.
  • Rating words:
    • Click on a post and rate it by clicking the stars next to “Rate This”.
  • Pronouncing words:
    • Here is a guide to understanding pronunciation marks.
  • Format of words:
    • picture
    • pronunciation, definition, language of origin
    • notes (if any)
    • roots: language/root/meaning (if any)
  • Using the Spelling Quiz:
    • The quiz is usually updated weekly.
    • Words are randomly picked from the site and listed in no particular order.
    • Words occasionally repeat.
    • Answers can be found here.
    • Comment with how many words you spelled correctly!
  • Learning words:
    • You may want to use a slideshow of pictures of words as your computer’s background/screensaver.

Other info: